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Danny Martinez

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My Philosophy/Cover & Résumé

Cover Letter

Any and all companies live and are carried by one thing…their employees. Whether it is a company that has only one employee or over a thousand, without employees, nothing would happen. In my experience, there is a single factor as to the great and sustained success of a company, and that is Belief. That is for one, whichever company that one is employed, to believe that that company will succeed. The belief that whatever that one contributes to the company is important, that it makes a difference. But not only the belief that one holds in the company, but also the reciprocated belief the company holds in the one employee. A company is team or a collection of teams and when all believe in one another, the company does more than just service, it succeeds and is profitable. Where there lacks belief in any party, there inevitably will lack success.


I wish to be a part of a company that is very diverse when it comes to responsibilities, tasks, projects and jobs. The “zone”, or the way people think about an idea or how to approach an idea as individuals or as the collective team, can be fluid and dynamic. Change is good. It will allow me, the team, and the company to grow. Where one succeeds all succeed and there is no nitch for only static and repetitious functionality.


A company that allows for many directions and paths that the team/work force can venture. A position where there is no established set way or standard procedure but rather more opportunity to share experiences, learn experiences, and when no experience exists all the members can think “outside the box” to tackle whatever needs to be done. Thus, experience is formed.


I want to belong to a company where people work closer to one another. It allows that glue between them to be strong and binding. But, not just between members of the team but with others outside the team. It’s important to have close connections with those associated with the business. Vendors, contractors, customers, clients can all sense when a company has purpose, direction, and closeness that many large corporations can sometimes lack.


Work Experience:

Seraph Designs LLC, Los Angeles, CA | May 2007 - Current
Web Developer (Front End)


  • Took existing sites and enhanced with updated structure (HTML5), design concepts, & UI (CSS3), updated code for DOM elements, and code for user interaction (JavaScript). Fixed cross-browser problems following the W3C standards.
  • Created and implemented custom templates for various sites to increase efficiency of changes and revisions.
  • Designed UI and visual design concepts for various websites.
  • Debug sites by free-hand editing HTML, CSS, and PHP and then testing.
  • Develop web presence for multiple companies from start to finish including domain name research and purchasing, hosting, web development and design (private), round of revisions, live-testing, and launch.
  • Produced layout, comps, and wire-frames in Photoshop and/or Illustrator, then translated them into pixel perfect functional HTML/CSS websites/email templates.
  • Integrated Flash animations for various presentation projects.
  • Created own website (www.dannymartinez.com).
Duties & Responsibilities:

Network installations, analyze existing systems, project costing/justifications, negotiations/approvals, hardware installation and configuration, UI design, testing, debugging, documentation, user training and support, client relations

Various Companies/Individuals | July 2002 - May 2007
Freelance Developer & Designer


  • Modified, edited, and customized PHP code for dating website.
  • Built, deleted, modified tables and entries in database through MySQL.
  • Constructed CD/DVD video/slide presentations for various photographers.
  • Created logos for several, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Designed many different layouts for paper-print products.
  • Installed, customized, and maintained a dating website using proprietary Content Management System (CMS).
UCLA Office of Instructional Development, Los Angeles, CA | June 2001 - July 2002
Assistant Systems Administrator


  • Documented support tickets and collaborated with team to resolve multiple help-desk issues.
  • Headed project to migrate from Windows Servers to Linux to save in licensing fees.
  • Lead team to perform all seasonal roll-outs under UCLA custody code.
  • Reduced costs by performing equipment/hardware inventory.
Duties & Responsibilities:

System administration tasks, setup/deletion of user accounts, backup of user information, technical documentation of ongoing support, maintain integrity of network system, installation of routers, workstations, servers, and peripherals.

Harvey Mudd Upward Bound Math & Science Center, Claremont, CA | Summers '98, '99, 00
Physics & Chemistry Instructor


  • Instructed students in a rigorous six-week residential program at UCLA in physics and chemistry.
  • Mentored and prepared students for college life.


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Bachelor of Science, Biology 2001

Skill Set:

Responsive Design 8
JavaScript 4
jQuery 4
Google Analytics 4
Google Maps API 4
Wire-Framing 8
Drupal 2
phpMyAdmin 3
Web/graphic design:  
Photoshop 9
Illustrator 9
Dreamweaver 9
InDesign 5
Flash 4
Premiere 5
Final Cut Pro 4
FrontPage 8
Corel Draw 4
Word 8
Excel 8
PowerPoint 8
Outlook 8

Familiar With*

  • Angular.JS
  • Node.JS
  • JSON
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • LESS & Sass
  • SEO
  • GitHub
  • Google Webmaster Tools

*These may be technologies that are conceptual or that have not been used in a particular project.

Spoken Languages

English Native
Español Conversation

Hobbies & Interests

Tropical fish & marine aquariums, dogs, cats, beekeeping, traveling, natural wonders, macro photography, health & fitness, elegant dining, astronomy, star gazing, Beethoven, playing piano, sci-fi movies, aquascaping, education & youth, diversity, carnivorous plants.

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Web Portfolio

All works created are original & custom and not template based

Code by Danny Martinez

It may be simple, but it's powerful

If you would like to see examples of some script I wrote, please view the source code of this site, or visit my GitHub account to see some other examples.

Photography by Danny Martinez

What can I say? I'm a nature lover.
A Pacific Green Sea Anemone

Video Projects by Danny Martinez

Memories captured.

Mothers Day | Photo DVD for Josefina Campos

Chapter Selection
Introduction 00:00:36 s
00:03:18 s
Ama con sus Hijos
00:05:04 s
Ama con sus Nietos
00:02:27 s
Sus Nietos
00:04:55 s
Sus Hijos
00:04:45 s
Los Hermanos
00:02:54 s
El Hombre
00:00:49 s
Con su Amor
00:03:01 s
El Padre
00:02:35 s
La Familia
00:03:35 s
00:02:59 s

About Danny Martinez

I am, that I am.

I'm a simple kinda guy. I would love to be a part of a team. A team where the members are more than just co-workers, but rather a professional family. I grew up in a small town in Central California. After graduating from High School, I moved to Los Angeles to begin my university education at UCLA. I majored in Biology. While living in the dorms at UCLA, I sometimes browsed the web using my roommate laptop. This is where it all began!

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Planet Earth
  • Aquascaping
  • Star Trek
  • Photographer
  • Movies & Cinema
  • Pet/Animal Lover
  • Beekeeping
  • Aquariums/Reef Tanks
  • Fitness
  • Beethoven
  • Technology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Piano
  • Travel
  • Astronomy

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